The safest way to feel in Paris!


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UPDATE for 2021. 

Fifi La Mer and Oliver Wilby Present,

"A journey into French music from Offenbach to Gainsbourg"

An exhilerating musical show with gripping narration about " La petite histoire de France" that made French music what it is.

A dynamic vocal/ accordion and clarinet /tenor sax duo.

The most exiting and safest way to travel to Paris through the ages. 

If you are interested in our show being performed in your theatre, art centre, village hall or for an event, please send us a message in the "contact " section.




 The Band:

Oh La La! is a charming and sophisticated acoustic quartet ,amplified according to your requirements. We perform instrumental tunes and songs, ideal for listening and dancing to.

I can perform as a solo accordionist or with Olly, Alex, Curtis or Julian as a duo or trio act.

We enjoy performing for concerts, festivals, weddings, parties and more. We are the ideal band for outdoor events as we don't have to be amplified . We can also walk around the tables as we play for that "Je ne sais quoi" feeling.

Our huge repertoire includes classic jazz, "Musette" (Parisian folk), "Chansons Realistes "(made famous by Edith Piaf), Chansons Francaise (French songs originally sung by Nougarro, Gainsbourg, Jeanne morreau, Henry Salvador, etc...), Impressionist music ( E Satie ), film music ( Michel Legrand .. Theme tune from Riffifi ), music from Offenbach and selected classic pop tunes ( Stranglers, Lou reed ..).

You can visit our repertoire page to find out more.

Our line-up includes musicians from the Pasadena Roof Orchestra, John Wilson Orchestra, Ronnies Scotts All Stars and show ...

 - Fifi la Mer on Vocals (French and English) and Accordion
- Alex Ganett on Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone and vocals or Oliver Wilby on Clarinet and Tenor Saxophone

- Curtis Volp on Guitar
- Julian Bury  on Double Bass

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